29 March 2013

The Hunger Site - Feed the starving at no cost to you!

Click through to www.thehungersite.com and amid a pile of banners you’ll see an orange button in the middle of the site’s front page. The emblazoned message is ‘Click here to give - it’s free!’ Do so and a cup of a staple foodstuff is bought for someone, somewhere, who is hungry.
The logic behind this site is brilliant. It’s a win-win-win situation for the starving, the internet user, and the sponsors: in practical terms they receive cost-effective, feelgood public relations, especially powerful in helping promote ethical brands.
Taking time to click really helps, especially if you do it daily. The Hunger Site offers an email daily prompt reminder service (signing up to it also gives an additional two cups of food).

I only learned of this website today and i will now click every day as it seems like a great idea for us internet lovers especially with no sign up or fee's required! 


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