21 June 2012

The Lady Is A Vamp

Well i have to apologise that i haven't had time to get a picture of me in my Doris top or Collectif Wanda shirt. The wanda shirt is very short though and is better suited to wearing with high waisted skirts/jeans, so i'm a little unsure if i should keep it or not. I do love the style though and it's the main reason i didn't return it.

In other news Pinup Girl Clothing sent me a 20% off code via email, So i really couldn't resist buying another 2 products i've been wanting for a while the Zebra Vamp and Deadly Dames Capri's. My other vamps are XL and have that corset feeling which can get on my nerves sometimes when i just want something a little comfier for days out, So i ordered a 2X and i'm hoping it isn't going to be too large. The capri's i ordered XL and i know reviews say they are tight, but i am going on holiday in October and by then want to have dropped a dress size or two if i can gather the willpower! The only thing am unsure of is the high waist as i am short waisted :/

My favourite part about ordering online is when they give you the number to track the package. I am such a geek i know! I just love following it and getting more excited the closer it gets to my house and hopefully my package should come tomorrow :)


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