26 August 2011

Etsy! Oh how you make me poor!

As most of my followers know i started selling on etsy first before finding out about all the gorgeous items it has to offer, but now i am officially addicted!

Now that it's getting closer to winter i wanted to be prepared for it and get some nice things. The original scarf i had wanted was a little out of my price range, so i stopped myself from splurging on that one ha! Instead i got a purple circle/infinity scarf which i can't wait to get and i also had a custom hat made too which is something i never wear in winter, but hopefully this one will change my mind.This is the scarf & hat i purchased :D

I have actually tried to stop myself from browsing etsy as much because i see sooo much stuff that i just can't afford to buy and i really hate the ridiculous custom charges on items over £20 from american and non-eu countries :( I have however bought quite a few things in the last few months and i now have to say it's the new ebay for me but with better items :D

Anyone else have an etsy addiction?

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