18 August 2011

Change of hair colour? Majicontrast?

I've been dying my hair dark purple now for about 5 months and getting sort of bored with it. My hair is naturally dark brown and I haven't managed to lighten it much through drugstore box dye. In fact, the best one i tried was the last one about 3 weeks ago XXL Salon Style Dark Violet it was the most vibrant of all xxl ones i'd used, but has really damaged my hair badly at the ends :(

So, I am now getting the itch to dye my hair again and have been hearing good things about L'oreal Majicontrast. I'm really tempted to try the magenta red with a 20 vol rather than a 30 to see if i like the colour before taking the plunge but i do fear it'll be quite pink :/ Has anyone tried that or the red one?

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