20 March 2013

Homemade Deodorant Update - Perfect Recipe For Sensitive Skin

Just an update on the last recipe I made it is working phenomenally! I have no rash or itching. There is a slight hint of the essential oils in it but it's not overpowering like a lot of the recipes online - mine is subtle.

I don't even want to adjust it to see if it is the baking soda or oils i was getting the rash from because this is working PERFECT!

I think this will be perfect if you have sensitive underarm skin like myself. So please check my recipe here if you wish to try it out at home.

Using homemade deodorant you will still sweat as this is your body releasing toxins and if you are a heavy sweater you may need to reapply it once or twice during the day, but i really recommend sticking with it!

Good luck and i will keep updating on my progress with this recipe :)

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