30 April 2012

My Little Girl Crush On Jimmy Fallon! :)

I have to say living in the UK i never got to see any of the Saturday Night Live's from the Jimmy Fallon days, Only the odd funny clip which is such a shame because i love this man!  I really only got into watching his show last year when i caught up with episodes with people i liked and then the SNL Xmas special was the best one ever!

He seems like the most genuine, sweet, funny man around right now and his wife is a very lucky lady!

I don't own any of these gifs, I found them on Tumblr and thought i'd share the cuteness! :)

"Thank you, bulge that occurs when guys sit down in pleated pants, or as I like to call you, khaki-sacks."

Ahhh...Luv ya Jimmy!

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