23 February 2009

First Blog Post:

I recently had a week's holiday off work so I thought it would give me time to get to grips with the new resin i bought. I usually use easycast resin but decided i would be cheaper buying polyester resin. I didn't realise how STRONG & TOXIC the stuff actually was!.

I made 3 hearts which only 1 ended up turning out semi-ok, I know i will get used to it soon after many more wasted pieces i'm sure but easycast really was "EASY". The polyester resin stunk out the house and i don't know if i will be able to work with it.

I went back to work today and now I'm catching the cold, Only another 4 days of full time shifts :(

I'm really looking for someone who can make me a layout for this, I'm a whizz with myspace and bebo but i don't have a clue with this!.
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